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SOA Charter and Rules
Welcome to Sickest Of All!! We are a social guild who enjoy playing SWTOR and treating one another as extended family. We enjoy all aspects of the game, so PvPers, RPers, PvE players, and just plain sci-fi fans are all welcome within our guild. We strive to provide our members with an extra fun family type of group to enjoy a great game with. As a prospective member, please take a few moments to read our rules, and enjoy!

1. No Drama: Simply put, we strive to have a guild that our members can consider a fun and courteous place to be. Disrespect, personal attacks, discrimination of any sort, or blatant trolling will not be tolerated. Members abusing this rule will receive one warning, and any repeat offense will result in expulsion from the guild.

2. No Cheating: Anyone found to be exploiting the game mechanics in a way that gives them an unfair advantage will be immediately expelled from the guild, and we will report you ourselves. We take pride in playing the game the way it is meant to be played, and we all believe in playing right, win or lose.

3. Forum/Chat Conduct: While the members of this guild are adults, and at times speak on adult themed topics, we still expect that common sense and courtesy is exercised when chatting via guild chat, our site forums, or on Teamspeak. Sexual interactions (cybering) should not be in chat period, and should be done in a private group or in whisper. Threats and hate speech (racism) will not be tolerated either.

4. PvP/Raid Conduct: Anyone participating in PvP premades or raid teams is expected to exercise etiquette and tolerance. We realize that sometimes it feels like a teammate may not be "pulling their weight" or that their skill level may not be up to par for what they are attempting. However, raging on your fellow guild teammates is frowned upon. Exercise patience and understanding, because not everyone knows all there is to know about how the game systems work. Help a guildmate understand why they're struggling, instead of blatant and harsh criticism. If you must be critical of a teammate in a constructive manner, do it in a whisper. Never ever throw your teammates "under the bus" in an open chat.

5. Formal membership: Once an applicant is approved, they will become an official member. Until registered on the site, they will stay at the rank of recruit.

6. Teamspeak (voice app): It is not mandatory that everyone use Teamspeak, however, when playing in a guild primite PvP team or running Flashpoints and other missions as a guild group, it is expected that those members who are teaming together will be on Teamspeak because communication in these instances is vital.

7. Alternate Characters: We understand many players enjoy playing on multiple characters, and that is fine. We do not impose a limit on alts, but ask the player use discretion for how many alt spots they take up on the roster.

8. Same Faction/Cross Faction Membership: Members of Sickest Of All are asked to maintain membership primarily to SOA. If found to have same faction membership with another guild, the member will be asked to sever ties with their other guild or Sickest Of All. We do this because moonlighting the same faction can cause unwanted discord within our ranks if something were to happen between the two guilds. As for cross faction membership we see no problem with this, as most have an alt or two on the other side.
9. Have fun! The most important part of being a guild family is having fun with your extended family. Enjoy the togetherness and flat out awesomeness of hanging out with like minded folk who enjoy being together.
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